The official news finally broke at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Nashville in April.  The rumors have been flying for several years that Glock pistol_review_glock_43_survival_gun_shtfwas working on a single stack, 9mm handgun for the concealed carry market.  Well, I can let you know that the wait is over.  I finally got my hands on the new Glock 43 at the NRA vendor show and trust me it was worth the wait.  As I held it, I thought to myself, could this be the ideal prepper concealment weapon?  A 9mm?  A Glock?  And this is coming from a guy who is not even a Glock fan.

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

Glock 43 – The Ideal Concealment Weapon

Glock said at the NRA show that the G43 should be shipping right after the show closed.  glock_9mm_43_concealed_carry_gun_pistol_reviewAcademy Sports in Jackson, MS got two this morning and a good friend of mine bought No.2 for $499.  Apparently they were really ready to ship them so start looking if interested.  This new Glock 43 is a slimline design for everyday concealed carry needs.  The G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters, regardless of hand size.  I have pretty big mitts to get around a handgun grip and usually part of my hand ham hangs off the bottom.

Well, it still does with the 43, but there is something inherently sticky about the Glock grip, so I was not annoyed as usual by a grip not completely filling my hand.  Besides, I expect Pearce or some other aftermarket accessory maker to come up with a grip extension soon enough to solve that issue for shooters with larger hands.  For now, we just have to let that little pinky finger hang loose like Charley (Postle) Waite trying to handle that fine china cup of tea in Open Range brewed by Miss Sue Barlow.  After all, we have to continue to keep in perspective, that pistols designed for concealed carry are indeed, small.  And for a very good reason.

The Glock 43 Profile

A true slimline, a really thin pistol, the G43 frame is just over an inch wide and the slide width is only 0.87 inch.  These dimensions come in the face of market demands for a carry gun that poses a minimalist approach.  The overall length of the new pistol is only 6.26 inches with a trigger distance of only 2.6 inches.  This will make handling the new Glock ideal for shooters with smaller hands, but as I said after handling it, bigger hands will be suited up just fine.  There is more than ample surface on the panels for a secure grip even under 9mm recoil.

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The single stack magazine will hold 6 rounds again making the pistol’s slim profile perfect for concealed carry.  The pistol will be a good choice for either a Bug Out pocket pistol or an extra lightweight carry handgun for around the house during a Bug In.  It would work ideally, too for a hideout carry gun in the car, motorcycle or even on a bike.

Why a Concealed Carry Prep Gun Anyway?

As I have written before one of the key aspects to prepping has to be to maintain a low profile and near shadow existence as far as our Glock-43-pistol-review-concealed-carry-gunovert planning is concerned.  Prepping in general is something we need to keep to ourselves, immediate family, SHTF team or tribe.  Our intentions certainly do not need to be broadcast far and wide.  We don’t need any eyebrows raised or suspicions about our prep or planning activities.

This mode obviously fits right in with the concealed carry philosophy.  I know people that right now, today are carrying a concealed weapon on their personal body just in case.  In some situations they may be violating the local state laws, but honestly, most of these carry people I know have secured the proper concealed carry permits and/or with the enhanced certificate to be more inclusive of where they can legally carry.  I have the same advanced permit having completed the classroom course and the range shooting requirements so I can carry anywhere legally.  I advise all to secure this legal standing as well so you are not crossing any lines prior to an SHTF event.  Afterwards, it will be a free-for-all anyway and nobody is going to ask for your CC identification photo card then.

So, having such a concealed carry handgun gives you options for active shooter protection should you need it.  Consider your daily travel routines, when and where, the pathways you take, and your work environment, where you shop or eat out.  Are these safe areas or suspect?  You may need that carry gun now.  You will surely need it during a SHTF.

Without any doubt there are many pocket pistol concealment handgun options on the market.  Too many some would say, but even with ice cream the more flavors the better.  This Glock while it may not dramatically represent a new dimension for new, light, slimline, 9mm concealment guns, it is a Glock.  That says an awful lot on its own.

by Dr.John.Woods

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