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SHTF Armorer: Magazine Maintenance – Part 1

The AR-15.  AK-47.  M1A.  Glock 17.  SIG Sauer P226.  Colt 1911.  S&W M&P.  CZ-75.  Beretta 92.  Ruger 10/22.  H&K MP5.  Walther P22.  All of these firearms each have an army of diehard pundits in the firearms world.  You probably have at least one of them incorporated in your SHTF plans.  It’s possible your very life [...]

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Survival Gear Review: GunfightersINC Ronin Concealment Holster

There are, according to a completely-made-up-by-me-but-probably-not-too-far-off-number, approximately six billion custom kydex holster makers in the world.  Don’t believe me?  If you belong to Facebook, find a large Facebook group (or internet forum) for a handgun you have, join it, and then post the following query to the board: “I just got [insert make/model of handgun [...]

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10 Tips Everyone Should Know Before Carrying Concealed

With more and more states (fourteen, per Wikipedia – not counting Puerto Rico) giving the green light to some form of “Constitutional Carry” – that is, carrying a legal concealed firearm without a state-issued permit – citizens have been heading to gun shops and training facilities in droves to enable themselves to exercise their right [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Talon Grips

So I’d just like to come right out at the outset of this review and state that Talon Grips have probably provided the most satisfaction-per-dollar of any of the firearms modifications I’ve tried in recent memory. They are quite inexpensive, easy to install, non-permanent, and 100% effective at the specific improvement they offer. They’re just [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Sig Sauer P320

So I got a Sig Sauer P320.  I saw it in a local pawn shop, sitting there in the glass case, perched on green velvet, looking all blocky and businesslike and badass.  I handled it, fondled it, wiped the drool away, and made a trade for it. It went home with me where I glared [...]

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12 Preps For Under $30 Bucks

I’m willing to bet that at least 90% of the people reading this article have to function under a budget of sorts.  Bills need to be paid, houses need to be heated, cars need to be maintained, stomachs need to be fed.  It’s a fact of life and how we have to operate on a [...]

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Survival Gear Review: goTenna Off-Grid Device

Well, I guess Facebook is good for something.  I was having one of those mindless moments where scrolling through the feed seemed like a better thing to do than, you know, reading a book, or working out, or bettering myself in some way.  It was the same stuff over and over, but then a promotion [...]

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6 Calibers That Fly Under The Prepper Radar

If you’ve been a gun-owning prepper or survivalist for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed a pattern.  After every large-scale shooting where a politician opens his mouth and breathes the words “gun control”, whenever a large-scale firearms regulatory law goes into effect (remember the 1994 “Assault Weapons Ban”?), or whenever there is a general [...]

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Survival Gear Review: SIG Sauer P227 Nitron

It’s no secret to anyone who’s read any of my articles on Survival Cache or SHTFblog that I’m a SIG Sauer fanboy.  I’ve owned several – all of them in .45 ACP: a standard P220, a P245 compact, and my favorite, a P220ST stainless. Every single one has been just hideously accurate, and extremely reliable.  [...]

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Build a Grab ‘N’ Go Pistol Bag for less than $500

A long while ago (almost two years now!) I wrote an article on SHTFblog.com asking people for advice and thoughts on keeping weapons in your Bug Out Bag (BOB). At the time, I had kind of an entry-level setup, with a Home Depot Husky tool bag loaded up with ammo, pistol, magazines, and redundant gear [...]

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