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Prepper Pocket Pistols

The essential idea behind a pocket pistol is to carry it concealed on your person in the event of immediate need.  During an active SHTF event, a prepper-survivalists may have multiple opportunities to engage their pocket pistol for a wide variety of reasons.  It might be needed to get out of the office and home [...]

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Prepper Uses For A Range Finder

Andy was pulling duty on bug out perimeter security.  We had heard shots coming from the woods at the far west end of our prep team property.  This was not an unusual occurrence out in the rural area where we have planned our long term bug out existence.  None-the-less it is always discomforting not knowing [...]

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Implementing A Secondary Survival Cache

Is there a compelling reason to justify selecting, creating, and stocking a back up supply hide?  This is a subject I have spent considerable time researching over the past several months.  My conclusions are not hard and fast, because I realize first and foremost that every member of the Survival Cache family has different survival [...]

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Prepping takes time and preparation.  This is essential whether you are doing a Bug In at home with family, a few extended family, neighborhood friends, or a Bug Out solo or with a partnership team.  Just know that the more numbers you add, the more complicated and difficult things suddenly seem to become.  It is [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Ruger Charger Takedown

Some serious firearms are merely taken as fun guns.  Why not allow them to play the role of both?  Lucky for me, at a recent NRA Friends banquet, a friend bought be a raffle ticket to which it produced a winning selection of a firearm.  My choice?  It was a no-brainer for me when I [...]

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Rehab A SHTF Prep Shack

When I was a kid growing up in Southeast Missouri, my dad bought a lot at Kentucky Lake outside of Murray, Ky.   We started camping there in a big tent then later dad traded an airplane for a house trailer and boat from a manufacturer in Elkhart, Indiana.  That’s another whole story for another day.  [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Glock 43

The official news finally broke at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Nashville in April.  The rumors have been flying for several years that Glock was working on a single stack, 9mm handgun for the concealed carry market.  Well, I can let you know that the wait is over.  I finally got my hands [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Yeti Coolers

Owning a Yeti cooler is a rite of passage in the South.  Am I kidding or what?  Nope.  Kids down here ask for Yeti coolers for Christmas for heaven’s sake.  The Robinson power family of Duck Commander fame is the poster children of this campaign.  Countless celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, too, so how [...]

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I’ll Bug In Thank You

One of the most basic premises of a SHTF survival scenario is whether to stay put or pack up the SUV and hit the highway.  If you dodge out the garage to join the caravan of other escapees on the interstate, where are you going?  Do you have an alternative site already in mind or [...]

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Survival Gear Review: Trucker’s Friend

It’s curious a specialty tool like this would be called the Trucker’s Friend.   For certain it is a tool a trucker would want to have in their tool box, but its usefulness goes way beyond that limited functional area.  I would say this tool is by all regards a prepper’s friend as well. By Dr. [...]

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