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  • Bug_Out_Flashlight_Wisdom_lens_crenulations

Bug Out Flashlight Wisdom: Part 2

Part 1 of Bug Out Flashlight Wisdom addressed modern LED lighting and the single CR123-cell flashlights in particular. In Part 2, flashlight features and operational wisdom will be discussed.  I can tell that the dust has not yet settled on flashlight interfaces in the same way it has not yet to settle on computer operating [...]

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  • Glock_42_Bug_Out_pistol_knife_magazines_pack

Survival Gear Review: Glock 42

Does your carry pistol limit what you do? Do you worry about exposing your gun to the elements? Is your carry preference too much of a burden for many activities? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider the Glock 42.  For me, I wanted a familiar handgun but in [...]

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  • Fallkniven_A1-Pro_survival-knife_with-A1-A2

Survival Gear Review: Fällkniven A1 Pro

Being a restless survivalist, I find the endless pursuit of the best single knife to be both a noble one and and endless one.  Or so I thought.  The Fällkniven A1 Pro may have brought an end to my quest for the perfect survival knife, and become the life-long quest of other like minds.  Could [...]

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  • magpul_offset_backup_sights__comparision_MBUS_PRO_front

Survival Gear Review: Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights

Backup Iron Sights probably got their start by doing absolutely nothing when an optic was bolted onto a rifle that came from the factory with irons. But when modern sporting rifles (or whatever silly name the AR15 is being force-rebranded as these days) irons became an deliberate option.  BUS or back up sights (whether iron [...]

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  • bug_out_bag_mistakes_winter_cabin-300x225

11.5 Bug Out Bag Mistakes That Are Not Mistakes

About the only tangible aspect we have for a real bug out is the bug out bag.  Sure you might have a BOVehicle or BOLocation, but BOBag is often the beginning and the end for most lightweight survivalists and preppers.  The problem is that unlike taking a cruise to Alaska, or a family trip to [...]

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  • escape_and_evasion_belt_jason_hanson_cia_shark_tank

Survival Gear Review: Escape & Evasion Gun Belt

Since the Bronze Age belts have been worn by all ages and all genders.  A belt round the waist is a fashion statement (1), holds utility essentials (2), and is safety equipment in all manner of work-related and recreational applications (3). And it is those very same three aspects of a special purpose belt that [...]

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  • D-60_Drum-Review-Magpul

Survival Gear Review: Magpul PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine

The wizards at Magpul have done it again.  As if their game-changing polymer 30-round PMAG wasn’t enough, they upped the ante with a 60-round drum magazine. And sometimes the obvious benefits of something are not, well, obvious.  Such is the case with the Magpul D-60.  The D-60 drum mag was announced at the February 2015 [...]

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  • best_gun_mounted_light_for_survival_shtf

Bug Out Gun Lights: Part 2

As noted in part one of Bug Out Gun Lights, mounting a light on a weapon, whether long gun or handgun, is a necessary option for every bug in and bug out scenario.  The light is not just for discriminating among potential targets, but also to light the escape route, to light the impromptu medical [...]

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  • best_bug_out_pistol_22_lr

Bug Out Long Term (B.O.L.T) Pistol: Part 2

Continuing this story… The innards of the Ruger 22/45 are not the only pieces of metal in need of modernization.  There are plenty of upgrades necessary on the outside of the pistol to make this a B.O.L.T.-worthy tool.  For instance, the magazine baseplates, the grip, the threaded barrel protector, carry options, and of course the [...]

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  • boker_grasshopper_review_survival_knife

Neck Knives For The Masses

The definition of a neck knife pretty much begins and ends with it being a blade worn on a lanyard around one’s neck.  Rather than in a belt sheath, pocket, pack clipped anywhere else, the neck knife offers a deployment option and carry strategy that opens some doors especially during specific activities and positions.  Neck [...]

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