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Survival Gear Review: Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights

Backup Iron Sights probably got their start by doing absolutely nothing when an optic was bolted onto a rifle that came from the factory with irons. But when modern sporting rifles (or whatever silly name the AR15 is being force-rebranded as these days) irons became an deliberate option.  BUS or back up sights (whether iron [...]

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11.5 Bug Out Bag Mistakes That Are Not Mistakes

About the only tangible aspect we have for a real bug out is the bug out bag.  Sure you might have a BOVehicle or BOLocation, but BOBag is often the beginning and the end for most lightweight survivalists and preppers.  The problem is that unlike taking a cruise to Alaska, or a family trip to [...]

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10 Tips Everyone Should Know Before Carrying Concealed

With more and more states (fourteen, per Wikipedia – not counting Puerto Rico) giving the green light to some form of “Constitutional Carry” – that is, carrying a legal concealed firearm without a state-issued permit – citizens have been heading to gun shops and training facilities in droves to enable themselves to exercise their right [...]

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